About Nick's Upholstery

Nick Petcu was introduced to upholstery work over 30 years ago in his native country.

After moving to the United States he rapidly gained a profound appreciation for vintage automobile interior restoration.

Through years of hard work and countless hours of research and study, Nick has cultivated a devout clientele of fine automobile collectors. Some of his projects are so involved they require as much as 300 to 400 hours to complete.

He is meticulous in his work and his client relationships are of utmost importance to him. The range of his work originates with cars dating from 1897 through the 1970’s.

Nick is the owner of Nick’s Upholstery in Wakefield, RI

Nick's Upholstery, USA
19 Wright Ave
Wakefield, RI 02879

Phone: 401 226 3260

Email: info@nicksupholstery.net